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A lot happen lately, I decided to sell my precious house that I call home🤎 I’ve put my heart into this house but I choose my health over a house. Lets hope everything will turn out great in the end🦋 ...

I think these reality pics need to be posted again🙌🏼🤎 Even though it was a long time I shared posts like this it’s still the reality. I have more loose skin after my third kid and after my breast explant but the loose skin doesn’t bother me really, because it would be crazy to expect a flat belly with tight skin after 3 pregnancies😝 So try to accept yourself the way you are and focus more on the things you like about yourself🫶🏼

Protein brownies😛 You need to try these! If you cut into 9 brownies, one contain 70 calories and 6 gram of protein😍 Recipe below👇🏼

200 gram protein pudding
30 gram fit whey proteinpowder chocolate (@womensbest)
50 gram flour
1/2 tbs bicarbonate
1 tvs cocoa
100ml water
Add topping of your choice (try granola).
Put in the oven for 30min in 200 degrees celsius.
#recipe #healthyrecipe #protein

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I’m not giving up. Even if everyday is a struggle mentally and emotionally I have a dream and I will fight for it🤎 ...