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Do you want to know how you should train to reach your goals? Tips on exercises that are effective in the gym? Do you need a complete workout plan to follow?

Then I recommend this gym program that focuses on strength training and that will make you stronger, make you tighter and you will learn how to build muscles in the best way possible.

You can read further down what is including in this program ♥

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›  My top tips for fast results

›  How many repetitione and sets you should do based on your goal

›  Exercise technique

›  How often you should train

›  75 different exercises divided for each muscle group

›  My favorite exercises that I always perform and that has given me results

›  Each exercises have pictures and description

›  Description what 3, 4, and 5 – split schedules are and how it might look.

›  A three-day workout plan with exercises, reps and sets you can follow

›  Info about women who lift heavy and what happens to their bodies

›  Get access to my private Facebook group where you can share tips, ask questions, post progress pictures and I answer all questions in short time.


The program works on all devices.  If you have apple I recommend the app iBooks where you can save your program. 

Please note* When you make your purchase you will receive a confirmation email with a link to access your program. Please check your spam and junk folder if you are unable to find this email. For any enquiries please contact me: ♥


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