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Updated Booty Building Program is here! 

This booty program for gym is for you who want to build a bigger booty. This program differs from many others that contain lots of cardio exercises where you don´t challenge your muscles. You need to challenge your muscles with weights to grow volume combined with a calorie surplus. 100 squats without weights will not grow your booty, it´s called cardio. Keep it simple, make your muscles work and you will get results. 

My program contain pure isolating booty exercises, my best tips to find contact in your glutes and notes what you should think about when you perform each exercises to get fast results. The only thing you need is dumbbells in various weights. It´s and easy and effective routine to follow and for you who wants to tone your body you can use my warm-up routine as a workout routine itself. 

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  My top tips to get fast results from your workouts

› Get all the knowledge you need to build volume on your booty

  My top tips and advice to find and maintain your motivation 

  Top 15 glutes exercises that isolate your booty in a effective way

  2 dropset routines

  You get my best tips to find your contact in your glutes during each exercise

  Warm-up routine that you also can add between you booty workouts for toning your body

  3 different booty workouts to follow

 Every exercise has description, pictures, sets and reps. 

  Get access to my private Facebook group where you can share tips, ask questions, post progress pictures and I answer all questions in short time

 My workout program for gym have a butt/leg routine so you don´t need to add this program if you choose that program.


The program is a PDF file which will be sent to your email after checkout for immediate download. It works on all devices. If you have apple I recommend the app iBooks where you can save your program. 

Please note* When you make your purchase you will receive a confirmation email with a link to access your program. Please check your spam and junk folder if you are unable to find this email. For any enquiries please send an email to: ♥


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