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A strong mom, a happy mom!

This is the first  mommy program that will give you everything you need to know about your postnatal body. Your body is going through a lot during your pregnancy and it´s many things you should keep in mind when you start working out again or if it´s your first time.

This program will help you to strengthen and stabilizing your core and pelvic floor in a effective way, give you better posture and prepare your body to start working out regularly again. If you have Diastasis Rectus this program will help you with that.


This mommy program will include: 


  • Information about your postnatal body
  • Exercises you should avoid and the reason why
  • Things you should consider when you start training again
  • Information about C-section
  • Information about Diastasis recti (ab separation), and how you heal it
  • 3 workout programs for your pelvic floor and core strength divided in 3 steps
  • 1 full body workout program
  • My best tips to find your own motivation
  • Meal guide
  • Vegetarian choices
  • Every meal have macros and calorie amount
  • Join my private Facebook group
  • Every exercise will contain picture and description
  • Works on all devices and you can easily save it on the app iBooks if you have apple.



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14 reviews for Mommy program

  1. Farzana Essak

    Cant wait for the programme as i have just fallen pregnant

  2. Roudha- Dubai

    I am waiting ❤️

  3. Hanan Alraeesi


  4. Raynel Jackson

    Fall is officially here am currently 4mths pregnant and am dying to know your secret yo keep the figure I had together now and after this little one arrives CANT WAITTT!!!!

  5. Lindsay

    Yes! I’m 2 months and love training. Am wasn’t able to with 1st baby, this time around I want to be best shape ever for my Bubba . Can’t wait for program !

  6. Jacqueline Eaves

    Would like more post parting info as I deliver in one month and I would like to get in shape just like you did you look so nice.

  7. Sophia

    I am so anxious for you to launch this program, I am 4 months pregnant so I”ll be also waiting!

  8. Keisha

    Can’t wait! I’m 4 months postpartum with diastasis recti and still have the “mummy tummy” need to train my pelvic floor… looking forward to this program…

  9. Joanna higgins

    When is this program available?

    • Malin Björk

      Tomorrow 😀

  10. Sophia

    For what time period is this program? Is it for a month or we can exercise as much as we need? I am 50 days post partum (c-section)and started with some exercises at home. Do you think it’s the right time to start?

    • Malin Björk (verified owner)

      Hi! Congrats on your little baby. You can start with my mommy program directly after birth. You get steps with pelvic floor and inner core exercises. You need to manage the exercises in each step unitl you continue with step 2 and 3. Then you get a full body workout schedule you can follow after these steps 🙂

  11. Denise Hernandez

    I’m wondering if your program works well with breastfeeding? I’m 8 weeks postpartum and trying to shed some pounds. I’m just worried about loosing milk supply.

    • Malin Björk (verified owner)

      MY meal guide is okey while breastfeeding, you can just skip protein powder if you feel unsure about that and you need around +500 calories a day if you breastfeed:)

  12. Eman

    Hi, does the mommy program has a full home exercises or I need to buy the home exercise also, am a mom of 1 child

    • Malin Björk (verified owner)

      My mommy program focusing on your inner core and pelvic floor stability and strength, you also get a full body workout schedule, but you get more exercises and a complete full body workout schedule in my home workout program. But you need to strengthen your inner core before you start with heavier weights and it´s some things you need to consider after birth.

  13. Simona

    Is this program working for mommies who doesn’t eat meat? And also I gave birth before 9 months C-section, is it too late for this program?

    • Malin Björk (verified owner)

      Hi! You get some vegetarian recipes, but it´s more recipes and info about diet in my meal guide and I will release a vegan/vegetarian meal guide soon. My mommy program focusing on mostly new mommies, but if you haven´t recovered from your pregnancy and need to strengthen and stabilize your inner core and pelvic floor I recommend this program 🙂

  14. Cassie

    Hi, is this program for mommy’s who have already had a baby say a year ago and then another one 2 years ago? Or should I do the other programs you have? I have the belly pooch baby belly still and it will not go away!

    • Malin Björk (verified owner)

      It´s mostly for new moms out there that need to stabilize the inner core and pelvic floor stability and strength, and for people who have diastasis recti. If you feel you have recovered from your pregnancies and have a stability in your inner core I recommend any of my workout programs instead 🙂 Also check if you have a ab separation. If you have any more questions feel free to email me at:

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